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Sunday, January 17, 2021


It's Finally Here!

.......VIDEO RELEASE!!!!!

Negative painting is the technique explored and demonstrated. It's just like being in one of my workshops...without traveling! 

Here’s some of what you’ll discover: 
  • Developing your composition with layers of color 
  • Unravel the mystery of paint
  • Painting around a subject to find definition
  • Apply transparent glazes to create shapes and depth of color
  • Develop your skills when painting wet into wet, under-paintings, and wet passages
  • Experience Brenda creating paintings that glow — now you’ll know how, too!
  • Demystify negative painting (and paint with more confidence!)
  • NEVER struggle with color again … you’ll know just what to do!
  • Proper design for this type of painting
  • Capture light like never before (yes, with watercolor!)
  • Create depth and interest (Brenda shows you how!)
  • Positively accentuate the negative (negative space that is!)
  • Uncover the characteristics of paint (you’ll be surprised at what you DON’T know!)
  • Ooops … oh well, find the humor in it and move on…

See a short video, in-depth video description, purchase options: Glowing Watercolors: Available in DVD or Download

Hope you enjoy!



  1. I'm so glad you've created a video and will keep posting. I've loved your work for years. Can hardly wait for my copy to arrive. Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful surprise on this Monday morning! Just ordered the download version and I love it. I feel like I am having a private lesson with you, Brenda, in my art studio. I have one of your videos from years ago and I still refer to it. I know that the past year has been a challenge for everyone, especially artists that would normally be teaching and traveling with their classes. But.....for those of us that may not want to travel or are unable to travel, access to your workshop through this video is a huge gift. Thank you for your inspiration and guidance on your blog. Rebecca Wright

    1. Rebecca,
      Your words gave me goosebumps! You said everything I had hoped for when I was developing the outline, preparing material to demo, filming, editing...!
      You made my heart happy❤️
      Big hug,

  3. I purchased and am enjoying/learning. I may try to make 2x2" color swatches this winter. What are the bound half pages you use to experiment with two or three colors,same but different brands, to see how they mix on the page before deciding which brands to use? Also the red synthetic flat brush you use to carve shapes, may I ask brand and where purchased? I am making my own stencils from leaves I picked on on my walk!

    1. Linda,

      The Brush: Da Vinci 5080 series I bought at Cheap Jo'e Art Stuff.