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Friday, June 19, 2020


Who knew waiting would take soooooo long! For months we've been living in limbo complements of COVID-19. Waiting to see loved ones, waiting to work, waiting to get my hair cut. At first waiting sounded so easy.

The first month I had a few low down, miserable days. I lacked energy and focus. That unnerved me. Many artists' I've spoken to have expressed a very similar feeling. I was comforted in knowing I wasn't alone. I learned to be patient with myself and didn't force creativity. I still went to the studio every day and did something no matter how small. Little by little energy and focus returned. Being home for months has given me the opportunity to physically recharge and find new focus in my work. By not adding additional stress to my life I found a new rhythm and joy in the studio. And then the emails, messages and phone calls started coming. People asking, pleading and even telling me what I needed to do (to make confinement easier on them). I was overwhelmed with requests from individual and associations to teach on:, Zoom, Craftsy and Facebook Live. They'd say: It's easy. You can do it. We need you. You owe it to the art community. Gee whiz! That's a lot of pressure to put on somebody. Don't get me wrong. Teaching is one of the greatest joys in my life. But at this moment teaching online is not for me. I might feel differently down the road but right now, the answer is, no thank you.

Last year I taught 15 workshops in 10 months (nationwide and abroad). It was exciting, fast paced, rewarding and admittedly exhausting (at times). The last few months has given me time to recharge and focus. I've been painting more, walking a lot, writing, calling friends and family and cooking more (to my husbands delight). I've started painting outdoors again! I can't tell you how much this is done to lift my spirits. This week I painted the Lavender Fields of Highland Springs Ranch, Cherry Valley, CA.  It feels like a blessing and a privilege to be doing what I love. Masks are not required in the field but many people came close to watch me paint. I felt better wearing a mask.

In many ways it's been a busy time for me. I judged an international exhibition, wrote an article for Watercolor Artists' Magazine (June issue), participated in two major exhibitions: Transparent Watercolor Society of America and California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition, completed numerous larger paintings and even sold three pieces. I also have a really big project in the works! I can't give  details, but it involves instructional videos with Creative Catalyst Productions. Pre-release sign up and interview

What does my workshop and show schedule look like in the future? Good question! I update my WEBSITE regularly. Please know my Blog (this site) and Website are two completely different sources of information.

What am I waiting for? To be with those I care about: family, friends, fellow artists' and students. I long to share meals together, attend shows & receptions, teach workshops and travel. But until I feel it's safe for everyone to be gathering again, I'll be waiting.

Be well, Be safe, Be creative,


  1. Well said, and you are not alone with such a range of feelings and emotions we are experiencing during these times. Love your Lavender Fields painting. It's beautiful.

  2. The other day I got the June issue from my library, so it was a pleasure looking at your article just now... Like you, I have turned down many Zoom invitations, I am so rooted in the physical world...Good for you for being centered on your own path during all this...finding meaning and artistic joy, adapting...

  3. Zoom is not for me (at this time). Felt like I was pushing against the popular majority 😐 Nice to hear you feel the same.

  4. Dear Brenda, had to write this note and tell you how special you are. Sometimes I think artists feel like ordinary people and don't necessarily realize how extraordinary they are to others. You are that for me. I just wrote Gloria after a year or more to tell her about Ben and she wrote back today like we didn't skip a beat in our friendship. You did that for us when we were able to go to Italy with you. Through difficult times its our friends and family we rely on for comfort. You are that for me, so thank you for all your posts, and beautiful artwork. Its looking at your paintings each day that inspire me. You will be seeing me again in the future when all this virus mess is over. Be safe! Hugs, Karla

    1. Karla, Your words touched my heart, thank you! Isolation, not being able to travel and teach has been a real downer. The time we shared was (and is) special. I long for those days and experiences to return.

      I can’t imagine how hard its been on you without Ben. Glad you reached out to Gloria...she’s a special lady!
      Be well and creative!