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Friday, December 9, 2011

Play with Your Food!

I was looking through my sketchbooks and realized I sketch food a lot. I was
trying to figure out why do I do this? A few things came to mind.

Shape Variety:

Man made to organic shapes. I have lots to select from…dishes, serving utensils, fruit, veggies…
Plates can be decorative, fruits and vegetables can be very colorful to plain.
Readily available:
I prefer to sketch from life. I can simply go the kitchen and grab something.

Waiting Time: Make use of time sitting at a restaurant table waiting. Draw your cup of coffee, salt and pepper shakers, basket of bread, menu…
Delayed Gratification:
That’s right…don’t eat it, till you draw it. It will put a fire in your belly to hurry up.

The final thought that came to mind is this. As a child meal time was very strict and not much fun. Perhaps this is my way of playing with my food. So here and now I am giving you permission. Play with your food!

Happy Sketching! Brenda


  1. All great reasons! (It's also FUN!)

    Another one for me if I'm trying to watch what I eat: sketching instead of eating the complimentary appetizers in restaurants helps!

  2. Can we eat your drawings?? They are delicious & fun! You remind us that there is beauty & wonder right in front of us, wherever we are...

  3. PS. Brenda, thanks for having stopped by my blog.

  4. Great entries, all of them - I especially love how you've shown us the sketchbook painting, materials and the models in the pears painting :)

  5. I'm delighted you enjoyed my post! It is fun to paint everyday objects around the house AND it is especially fun to share creative ideas with others.
    Happy Sketching!

  6. What a TERRIFIC post... Some good advice and some luscious sketches!!

  7. That turquoise colored-cake dish is so wonderful. Is that cobalt teal or did you mix up that color yourself? I love your vibrant and so organic sketches.

    1. You have a good eye for color! I used cobalt teal blue and added a touch of yellow here and there.