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Friday, September 9, 2022

The Art of the Illustrated Journal


The Art of the Illustrated Journal

You'll learn the fundamentals of watercolor, how to draw and paint from life and references, and how to find limitless artistic inspiration in everyday life. Throughout the course, you’ll work on thoughtfully-designed projects that help you hone your illustration, sketching, and watercolor skills and breathe life into your own illustrated journal. 

You may not consider yourself a “writer,” and the good news is, you don’t have to be! Words can act as both an informative element and a creative one. I use words as a design element — to tie multiple images together, to balance a page, to serve as a page heading, and even to cover a mistake. Creativity comes with mistakes and creative solutions. Yes, I make mistakes!

During our time together I look forward to sharing tips and secrets to jumpstart the creative process. To tap into parts of your brain to expand upon and tell a story through images and words. I believe you’ll come away excited and inspired about your work! Best of all your illustrated journal will uniquely reflect your creative style and voice.

The Illustrated Journals tell a bigger story: of travel, world events, family, gardens, or a quirky funny side. 

My life experiences are captured in the pages of my illustrated journals, the depth of joy, beauty, wonder or sorrow. 

~~~ Available Now ~~~

Art of the Illustrated Journal, (video released in August) 

What does it include? Stand alone 5 hour video course

Details here: Video Course

Price: $99. USD (5+ Hours)

~~~  Starts November and goes thru April ~~~

Mentorship Class (dovetails the video above)

Mentorship Class includes 6 Live Classes, 3 hours each (18 additional hours)

Price: $499. USD

Details here: Mentorship Class

Each session will take you beyond the video and dive deeper into techniques, subjects and materials. Live demos, interactive, discussions, and progressive learning.

Sessions Include:

*Illumination Please: Lighting shouldn't be an afterthought.

*The Good, the Bad and the Pricey: Exploring tools and material

*The Sketch Collage: When one image isn't enough to tell a bigger story

*Unusual Surfaces: Explore untraditional surfaces.

*Master Disaster: How to salvage a page gone wrong.

*The Art of Letting Go: What is the purpose of art if it doesn't heal the soul of the one who creates it?

~~~ Next Level Includes ~~~

Also includes 6 Interactive Live Sessions (9 Hours Interactive)

Price: $795. USD (link above. Extension of Mentorship Class)

Includes everything above PLUS Interactive Session (the following day for 1 hour 30 minutes). Intended to nurture creativity through discussions, creative problem solving, encouragement and more. Each weeks session will be directly influence by lesson day before. An opportunity to go deeper into learning and exploring creative expression through the Art of the illustrated Journal. Limited to a small group.

Please visit website to learn content covered in the VIDEO COURSE, MENTORSHIP CLASS and INTERACTIVE. If you have additional questions (payment or website assistance) please contact Terracotta directly at contacts below.

Email      Call +1 510-306-4533

Happy Sketching!


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