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Friday, April 2, 2021

Sketch Collage: San Juan Capistrano

Do you remember the old movie posters that had multiple images that gave you the highlights of the best scenes? I do. They were beautiful! They were called a montage.

The technique of selecting, editing and piecing together separate scenes of a film to form a continuous whole. I often feel one sketch isn’t enough to capture the feeling of a place. This is when I sketch multiple objects on a page. I call this a "Sketch Collage". These sketches tell a bigger story of what I was seeing and experiencing. The very word "collage" means collection or gathering which is perfect for this approach. It’s not to be confused with a literal collage of torn papers assembled on a page and glued down. The challenge is arranging elements in a way that the page has a flow and balance.

Last weekend we visited San Juan Capistrano Mission. The day was warm and sunny, flowers were blooming and butterflies were flitting about. I wanted my “Sketch Collage” of San Juan Capistrano to feel painterly and less like an illustration, so I used pencil. The whites of the paper move the eye into the scene from the edges of the page.

Tips (not rules)

*Complete a sketch collage in one sitting or add images to a page over a span of time (a day or a week).

*Don't worry about objects being true to size in relation to each other. The poppies are bigger than the tower.

*Variety of sized objects.

*Have objects such as people, signs, road…pointed into the page. I didn’t follow the rule here and the Butterly is pointing out. It’s okay to change things up!

*Have objects overlap each other.

*Use a border around or a box to tie areas together. See how I put the butterfly in a box and used blue from the sky in the box to tie the upper and lower sections together.

Wherever you are…. be safe, healthy and creative!

Happy Easter!


I'm re-entering the workshop world with ample caution. I’m hosting 3 workshops at my STUDIO, May, June & July.  ONLY 3 participants per workshop that are fully vaccinated. If the COVID vaccines goes against your principles, I respect your decision but unfortunately I won’t be able to accommodate you at this time.  website.


  1. Thank you for the tips on how to build a collage. They are lovely and capture the feeling of a place so well. I also appreciate your stand on vaccinations,

  2. Always, you bring gifts of Colorful Joy!
    (I enjoyed your last DVD . . )
    Thank You for All You Do,
    love & love,

  3. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of how to build a collage drawing. I took your class a couple of years ago and have used your techniques, but yours is beautiful and inspiring.

  4. I adore your blog posts (and everything Brenda). The college tips are wonderful. And I am with you...hanging out with vaccinated folks only. I have your books (some out of print now!) and loved my class with you at Dillman's in Wisconsin some years ago. And I have your "artistic license" in my wallet at all times. stop by my blog sometime.

    1. Ginny,
      Nice to see your comment. Keep up the creative life!