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Sunday, October 11, 2020

On The Road Again…

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.  ~Woody Allen

The year started out like normal. Traveling and teaching workshops. January I taught in Florida, February Arizona and early March I flew to Maui with girlfriends. A little R&R before a hectic workshop season took off. During that trip we were beginning to hear alarming reports about “a virus”. I had no idea what was coming. Before I got home organizers and students were emailing me. Should we reschedule or cancel? I had 11 workshops across the U.S. and overseas…all were full. Over the next couple months I was rescheduling or canceling workshops, plane flights and hotel reservations. Can you imagine doing that for 11 workshops? Absolute chaos! 

Even though I couldn’t travel and teach I tried to be positive. I’d used the time wisely. I spent weeks combing through my teaching material for 4 different workshops and refined my curriculum. Out with the old and in with the new! It felt productive and good. I love teaching and it’s where I’m happiest. Surely the virus would be gone in a few months… Right? ...Wrong!

 On the road again! ------------------  Lunch break on the road

Okay, I still had my videos to look forward to. I had more time to prepare. I worked on the outline, chapters, demos, my timing… Then I was asked by the organizers of Watercolor Live to do a 45 minute session on Plein Air Sketching, for beginners. Now, I had two full length videos to think about and a 45 minute session for plein air sketching. My head was spinning with things I needed to remember. I had lists upon lists at home and at the studio: Negative painting / Sketching / Plein air

Two times we had to reschedule due to COVID. The ramping up and canceling was like living on a rollercoaster. The health risk of flying and hotels was real. I was at my wits end…should I stay or should I go? Then Mike had an idea. We’d rent a motorhome and drive to Texas for filming (1,400 miles). We’d have a safe place to sleep and our own food to eat. By this time motorhomes were in short supply and we were happy to find something. 
Admittedly 30 foot was a lot bigger than we needed! Off we went…

We arrived in Texas the day before filming and got settled into the Artist Cabin. Monday morning I met with the videographer Scot and his assistant Trevor. The next 4 days were filled with countless hours of filming and painting. We started at 9am and ended between 4-5:30pm. 

I’m beyond excited for the videos to be released by 
Creative Catalyst
Negative Painting will be out in early 2021,  followed by Sketching (ink and watercolor) a little later.
Both titles can be streamed or on DVD. Pre-release sign up and discount

But before the videos are released I have a session at:
Watercolor Live, January 27-30, 2021
Beginner’s Day Jan. 27th -or- sign up for entire event!
Information here

Happy Painting!


  1. Kudos to Mike for his motorhome idea. My husband and I have lived in ours off and on for years. Does simplify life for sure. Sorry I missed you in Florida, but am hoping for next year. Watercolor Live sounds exciting! So do your upcoming videos! Keep those brushes flying and hope to meet you some day! Thanks for all your encouraging posts, we need it to remind us there's beauty all around us!

  2. Peggy,
    The motorhome made the entire experience doable and a lot of fun!

  3. Silver lining to a horrible year. Classes with you that can be taken from home. <3