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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

FIRE relief SALE

I'm a native Californian. I love this state and the people in it. I live 5 miles from where I was born and I know where I’ll be buried. In a small cemetery near my grandparents. I am
deeply connected to this place I call home. Californians have suffered a lot lately…so much loss, pain and suffering. Numerous wildfires consumed and destroyed homes, streets and communities. People lost more than property…they lost loved ones: family, friends and pets. The number of people still unaccounted for is staggering. I can’t imagine how horrible their death was. The Camp Fire—the deadliest fire in California history. As of today (11-20) The Camp fire has charred 151,373 acres, 373 more acres than the last count announced Monday night. It stood at 70 percent containment, according to Cal Fire, and at least 16,838 buildings, 12,637 of them homes, were lost in the blaze.The Woolsey fire in Santa Monica has left behind a path of destruction, too.

I’ve felt overwhelmed and powerless. The bombardment of news became too much to watch. How can I help? What can I do? I am not trained or emotionally equipped. My heart is heavy.  In the quiet hours I’ve prayed for the victims, the survivors, the first responders, the volunteers…  What can I do? And then the answer came. I can sell my artwork and donate100% of the profits to the American Red Cross California Wildfires Response and Animal Shelter/Rescues (directly serving the areas effected). The money can help those who are trained and able to help the most. The thought I could use my artwork to help others is an answer to my prayer. I’m going to call it my FIRE Relief SALE.


To purchase a painting EMAIL ME directly with the painting #number (upper right corner).
I’ll reply with confirmation, purchase and shipping details. You have 7 business days for your check to arrive (no charge cards). I’ll send the painting right away. The price you pay includes taxes and shipping. Artwork does not include a mat or frame the dimensions are rounded off to the nearest inch. 

I have a limited number of Calendars for 2019 (sold out)Inside 12, 8x10 full color reproductions of my paintings. I will donate 100% of profits at $35.00 each (includes taxes and postage). 

If you'd like to help by purchasing a painting let me know by December 5th. Shipping of paintings and calendars is limited to the United States.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you,

Update: 11/24
My heart is overflowing with thanks and gratitude. Every painting and calendar has been sold! You've done more than help the fire victims you've helped me. How? I've struggled with the question does my artwork make a difference in the world? The answer was…YES!  I was able to use the labor of my heart and hands (my paintings) to help others. Thanks you for making this possible!

With deep gratitude,

Here's all the paintings that went to good homes!


  1. That is a wonderful idea and a heartwarming gift to those who desperately need it. I am sure it will help.

  2. Of course your sale is successful! What a kind and generous thing for you to do. We have family in California; and they along with all the others affected by this devastation are, I am sure, most grateful for your contribution.

  3. Your paintings are beautiful and your heart is even more so. wow.

    1. Sandy, What lovely words. Thank you

    2. your welcome and i love your art. We just got back recently from thanksgiving up in San Luis Obispo - so we traveled the 101 and saw so many burnt out hills and such from the freeway - going through Calabasis area. Anyway - I still am amazed by the generosity of people.

  4. So much destruction and sadness. But people truly care and want to help. Thanks 😘💕

  5. Such beautiful work - even moreso because of your incredible generosity.

  6. Sorry I missed out on this. I would have supported as well!