Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hahnemühle Watercolor Paper Review

I was contacted by Hahnemühle USA and asked if I would try their watercolor papers and share a review with my followers. Carol Boss sent me a nice assortment of papers to try. 

I’ve been on the road a lot this summer…teaching workshops from California to North Carolina. Between  workshops I’ve been busy putting this paper to the test. 

The scene Volterra Roof Tops (left) was done on the Cézanne, block, 140lb hot press.

Sample Tests on Cézanne Block, 140lbs Hot Press and Rough
Hahnemühle has numerous watercolor papers but I’m going to focus on one…Cézanne. The paper comes in many forms: blocks and sheets. Paper surfaces: Hot press, Matt, and Rough.  I’ve put time and thought into this review. I’ve tried to boil it down to the most important stuff… what I look for in watercolor paper: usability, surface strength, consistency in sizing & forgiveness. I need a paper that can handle a lot of water, glazing and scrubbing.

In this first demonstration of the leaves I only used two colors, Payne's Gray and New Gamboge. Using two colors I can focus more on the paper surface and what was happening. I was happy with how the paper handled and moved on to a full color Negative painting of Pomegranates.  If you are unfamiliar with the term Negative Painting please see this post.

The bottom line is…Do I like the paper and will I use it?  The answer is yes. I found the paper to be very reliable, responsive and fun to work on. The Cézanne held up to everything I toss at it.

I’ve posted a video companion to go with this review. I share additional paintings done on the Cézanne hot press, matt and rough. I show detailed images of the paper's surface and talk about what I like and dislikes… Like why do they call the paper Matt? It’s looks and feels like cold press to me. 

I’ve posted the video here. If you have trouble viewing please click this link.

The paper is newly available in USA. The watercolor blocks are available but the full sheets aren’t available just yet. If you want to try the paper I need you to do your research (please don’t ask me to find it for you). I was told the paper is available at Hyatt’s Graphic Supply & DaVinci Artist Supply  For additional help you can contact the company directly at www.Hahnemü 

Hope you've found this post fun and helpful. I love to explore paper, paint, pens... and share the information with you.

Happy Painting!


  1. Thanks Brenda. I have paper coming from Hahnemühle and Carol for testing. Now I'm even more excited (who knew I could be even more excited about trying new art supplies). I'd heard they make good paper but this looks like it'll exceed my expectations!

    1. Jennifer, I think you'll enjoy the paper. The Cezanne 140lbs fits my needs best. Let me know how you like the paper.

  2. I tried Leonardo which is a 280 lb. block. I tested washes, glazing, lifting and ink. All worked great. I used Matt which is equivalent to cold press but a nice hard surface with a light texture. I was very impressed.

    1. Donna, Good to hear your thoughts on the Leonardo paper. I have a couple of the blocks but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Sounds good!