Monday, April 18, 2016

Festival of Arts this Weekend!

Festival of Arts: California Images & History
April 22-24, 2016
 San Dimas, California 
One of the great things about this show is the artists will be there all weekend to chat, meet with collectors, talk shop with fellow artists... I’ll be there starting with the reception Friday night through Sunday afternoon. I’ll be participating in the plein air event Saturday morning, 9:00 to noon. I'll be stationed somewhere not to far from the gallery. I’ll have the finished painting framed and at the show that afternoon.
I have 10 paintings in the gallery. Many of the paintings I'm showing for the first time. As a bonus I also have a few "plein air" paintings from my adventures in and around the San Gabriel Valley, Santa Barbara, desert…and of course an old truck or two.

I’ll attached the show card with all the important details. You may also wish to visit the WEBSITE 
Hope to see you!


  1. Great seeing you, Brenda! What a beautiful display of work you had! You are such a master!

  2. ok, after walking around my paper looking at the drawing, for 1 week, never painting, I finally launched into my first negative painting.. it ain't perfect, but its a start (this is the artist answer to writers block) OMG..... Brenda, what is that flat brush you use?? it looks very cool the way it does big flat surfaces and yet you can get it to behave and to tiny spots.... I have a feeling the brush won't solve all my problems, but it can't hurt...