Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer of 2015

Swenson Family
What a summer it has been!! June started with a family reunion at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. It's rare
for the Swenson clan to gather all in one place. My husband's family is scattered all across the country. It was so much fun to steal away with my sister-in-laws for hours of giggles...girl time! While in Missouri Cathy Johnson and I had a chance to get together. Our husband's joined us for
Cathy & Joseph
lunch and we had just enough time for a quick sketch before it was time to drive back to be with family.

Shortly after returning home I was off again for a Road Trip with my sketching buddy Judy Schroeder. We had been planning the trip 
for months. With all our sketching gear packed we took off for a delightful adventure to Northern California. We took the scenic roads along the coast, stopped in tiny town, historic spots and sketched to our hearts delight. The highlight was making it all the way to Trinidad to see my oldest son Thomas and Lisa. I even got to sketch his fishing boat the "Sangria". I made this short video. Hope you enjoy seeing the journey and sketches as much as I enjoy sharing them.

Later in the summer I joined a group of plein air painters
Lavender Fields of Beaumont
in Beaumont, CA. For three days we painted the lavender
fields. It was HOT (99 degrees in the shade) but the warm breeze blowing across the lavender made the experience heavenly. 

In the midst of all this play and travel I managed to get a little work done (wink). I delivered paintings to two shows, did artwork for Pier 1 Imports, working on a project for Daniel Smith Art Materials...and I taught three workshops.

A couple weeks ago I was in Boone, NC teaching at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff. I can't say enough nice things about Joe and the Gang. Some of the nicest people in the country. And my students were the BEST, too.  They were the hardest working, focused, eager to learn group and a lot of fun! 
Class of 2015
Joe Miller (Cheap Joe) is a dear friend and we have so much fun together. Before the workshop started Joe and I had a chance to visit. He found me a whole bunch of old trucks and we were off to sketch (be still my heart!) He knows what I love. 

What a glorious summer it has been. A season that has helped restore my soul. As many of you know it has been a year of sadness and loss for my family. Now I can feel the joy of my spirit heart is healing. 



  1. I loved watching your summer unfold and seeing all your adventures. Praying your heart will continue to heal. Sending love your way!

  2. The video was wonderful. I always love to see your watercolors - quite an inspiration.

  3. Loved the video. Enjoyed seeing your adventures and sketches. Thanks for sharing.....Linda E.

  4. Thank you for the terrific video and watercolors! The trucks look "inviting"!

  5. Thank you Brenda. You have such lovely generosity of the heart. The video was inspiring.

  6. So glad you had such a wonderful summer, Brenda!