Friday, September 26, 2014

Sketch Collage

Have you ever felt one image on a page wasn't enough to tell the entire story? I often feel this way. This is when I sketch multiple objects on a single page. I call this a "Sketch Collage". I feel these sketches tell a bigger story/picture of what I was seeing and experienceing

The very word "collage" means collection or gathering...which is perfect for this approach. The challenge with a "Sketch Collage" is arranging the elements in a way that the page feels organized and balance. 


*Any theme will work (travel, garden, event, animals...). I might complete a Sketch Collage in one sitting or I may add images to a page over the span of the trip.  

*Don't worry about objects being true to size in relation to each other (key can be bigger than the house).

*Have objects such as people or animals pointed in and not out of the page.

*Have some objects overlap each other.

*Use a pencil to layout your ideas.

*Use a border to tie the images together.

*Have a variety of shape and size variety

*With or without words.

Happy Sketching!


  1. Great idea to add multiple subjects to one page and tie them together with a border! The colors and different subjects in the second sketch are beautiful. They are very rich looking. The green bottle behind the lemon, how did you get the colors for it?

    1. Yes, the borders does a lot for tiring everything together. For the bottle I used Viridian Green with a touch of Lunar Black.

  2. Your work is always so cheerful and pretty. Good tips here. Beautiful contrasts and combinations. I went to Harbor Freight and got that bag and love it! It was on sale for under $12.

  3. Absolutely love this post. I just finished a sketch collage of Normandy France. I call my attempts "watercolor montages". I like your label much better and may have to "borrow" it!
    Jane from Dillman's 2013

  4. Yes, I like doing this & I agree with you, it's a sort of non-linear way to tell a story. I enjoy feeling my way around the page, sometimes the images seem to just form themselves. I've called mine, in my blog labels, "montage pages."

  5. This is fantastic! Thank you for being so generous with all your ideas and your teachings Brenda!