Saturday, September 21, 2013


~~~~Tuscany En Plein Air~~~~~

Our amazing chefs Karolina and Dana
I've been home four days... which means I wake up at odd hours and I'm ready for bed before the mail arrives in the afternoon … and I have to eat my own cooking. 
Out my window in Lucca

Sleeping in my own bed is wonderful but the view can't compete with the amazing view I woke to each and every morning. Here you can see my sketch-bag. It's my faithful companion and has traveled with me on many adventures. We've covered a lot of territory together.

The trip was especially wonderful on many levels.  I was joined by thirteen amazing women from many different walks of life. Each person brought a richness of conversation to the group and a couple times discussions lingered long into the night. We shared our love and passion for watercolor, life, family, careers and much more. The trip was much more than a "workshop", it was a time shared with encouraging, talented and empowering women. I was blessed by their presence.
Group lunch at Kitinka's home, in Lucca
The hardest part of any adventure is the long trip home. Add to that airport security, a couple plane changes, airport reminds me of doing the Hokey Pokey when I was a child (but less fun).

Finishing touches while on the plane

The best part of a long travel day is making use of my time on the long plane flight (15+ hours) especially since there is little else to do. I keep my smallest of sketching supplies with me and put finishing touches and notes in my illustrated travel journal.
It was wonderful to see my husband's smile greet me at the airport and be welcomed into his loving arms...I was home!

I'm returning to Tuscany October 2014! The first session filled (Oct. 8-18) we added another date! If you'd like to join me October 20-30, 2014 here's the link: Tuscany En Plein Air.



  1. What fun you had, I do hope there will be more pictures of your trip, along with some fabulous travel sketches you will share. Welcome home, kitties do let you know exactly how they feel about things don't they?

    1. Yes, I plan to post for of my sketches...thanks for asking!

  2. Beautiful! Glad for you you went & glad you are home!

  3. What a wonderful trip! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your sketches.

    After your previous post about your sketch bag, I found my own at Harbor Freight. I also got the grommets to add a clip-on strap, but I can't find one. Your strap in the second picture looks like it matches your bag. Can you tell me where you got it?

    1. Susan, The strap was something I had laying around... I honestly don't remember where it came from. I have a drawer of straps left over from camera bags, luggage, purses...