Monday, April 22, 2013

Plein Air Convention & Expo

Home from the Plein Air Convention & Expo, in Monterey California. The event was held over five days.
Wednesday through Friday was the indoor portion of the program with lots of lectures, demonstrations, and manufactures. Saturday and Sunday was the outdoor portion of the program. I was one of the demonstrators. The event was hosted by Plein Air Magazine.
More than 600 artists were in attendance this year! The publication has outstanding articles on plein air artists, high quality printing, and solid information pertaining to working outdoors. It's mainly an oil painter's publication with a smattering of watercolor.
When I was asked to participate I had my reservations. I wondered if I would I look out of place next to hundreds of oil painters? Would I be the odd man out? Would my artwork hold up next to an oil painting...?

Yup...I had a moment of  self-doubt. I'm no different than you. We all have to deal with that monster now and again. The trick is not to let my emotions rule my actions.  Look at all the great sketching and painting opportunities I would have missed!
Point Pinos Lighthouse, Pacific Grove

The organizer Eric Rhoads talked to me about bringing more watercolorists to the event next year... 

Monterey Cypress

Happy Painting!
Asilomar Resort and Beach

Carmelite Monastery


  1. Brenda, I love your watercolors and thank you for posting your paintings from the plein air event for all of us to enjoy.

  2. Brenda, I can relate about feeling like the odd man out. The OPA sent me an invitation to participate in their plein air in Charleston. I contacted them and said "You do know I'm a watercolorist, don't you?" They said "Yes...come...everyone's invited." So, off I went! Had a great time!

  3. I especially love the one where you are holding it right under the actual scene.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful comments! Plein air painting is great...nothing like responding to the beauty before me.
    Happy Painting!

  5. as always love your work and it inspires me to paint more. Like how you used those clips to hold down the pages in I am assuming a Stillman and Birn book I read about a new version coming out the Zeta series. Which do you like the best for watercolor? I notice you use the hard bound vs the wirebound. This weekend there is a demo at an art store so I think I will go to see if they have the Zeta series. Thanks for keeping us posted on your son......been praying for him Bruce

    1. Bruce, I was using the Beta sketchbook by Stillman & Birn. The Zeta is wonderful,too. The difference between the paper is the Zeta is more like hot press watercolor paper and the Beta is familiar to cold press. The clips are very handy!
      Happy Sketching!

  6. Beautiful watercolors. Good to see the subject matter and the final watercolor at the same time. Love the venue.

  7. Gorgeous work. Can't get over that terra cotta colored cottage! So beautiful!

  8. Lovely sketches of your Monterey plein air. You've capture the house in the California sunlight perfectly. The California sunlight is clear, warm and brilliant, different than anywhere else.

  9. That photo at the top of this post would make a wonderful painting...those Calif. poppies skirting the edge of the cliff are SO nice! Did the expo take place at Asilomar? What a fabulous facility that is. The walk along the coast that fronts the facility is fabulous. Monterey/Pacific Grove have to be among the most beautiful places on earth. Lovely work, as usual. Please, don't ever doubt your gift.