Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cinque Terre

I was in Cinque Terre, 2 months ago. Today I learned of a flash flood in the villages of Cinque Terre. Two of the historic little villages (Vernazza & Monterosso) are damaged terribly from walls of water ripping through the tiny streets. Many lives have been lost. How sad all of this makes me feel.
My trip in late August was a saving grace after a very painful 6 weeks with a pinched nerve in my neck. A month before the trip was so bad I couldn't sketch at all. After many weeks of therapy, 8 x-rays, an MRI, muscle injections, and an epidural I was good to go!
The real cure came while I was in Cinque Terre. Sketching with the warm sun on my back, relaxing strolls, hiking... I felt as if my body had been restored.
I stayed in the lovely little village of Corniglia in an apartment that over looked the sea. Each day I explored one of the 5 villages.

I will remember the little villages as I sketched them. And I will remain grateful for the time I had in this beautiful region of Italy.


  1. What beautiful memories of a lovely place. Such a shame that this terrible tragedy has taken place, but it is nice that you have wonderful sketches to remember it by.

  2. Wonderful sketches!! I am so sorry to hear about the floods that affected some of the areas. I hope you enjoy your special memories of the area. Thanks for sharing your images. I wish you continued good health.

  3. I'm sorry to hear of your physical problems and just grieved to learn of the floods.

    Your sketches are always an inspiration. I was in your Cheap Joe Workshop: Summer of 2009, I think. I did the 75 sketch challenge. Had been planning to do a sketch a day for a year starting Jan 1 2012, but finding your blog today makes me choose to start a year on Dec 1 2011! Told you that you are inspiring. I paint every day, but that is just not the same as the personal sketchbook. Hope to study with you again before too long. Jay St Vincent, formerly of Alaska, now in Rabun County Georgia.

  4. Wow - these are fabulous travel journal/sketches - makes me want to go on a trip. However I can see myself struggling to get a good painting, tearing out most of pages, then at end of day the only words on the remaining page ... "Damn it's dark now."

  5. Brenda, I love your sketchbook paintings.Is there a specific journal you purchase? Do you market one? I always have trouble finding a good journal.It looks like yours is more square with a spiral binding.

  6. I use two types of sketchbooks

    #1 The spiral bound sketchbook is one I make. I cut full sheets of 140 lb watercolor paper into six pieces which are 11x10.The spiraling can be done at most office supply stores (such as Kinkos, OfficeMax...)

    #2 My travel journal which you see above are Moleskine watercolor books. I like these books cause they are stitch bound and lay flat so I can paint across two pages.

    Happy Sketching!

  7. This is such sad news about a part of the world that you've shown to be quite spectacular. Your sketchbook pages are mouth-watering! I'm in total agreement with you about the health benefits os sketching while the sun warms your back. It's such a soothing and happiness-making feeling.

  8. It is hard believe how much water went through the little villages. I've heard reports that 20 inches of rain fell in 4 hours. The images are unreal.
    I have visited the area numerous times over the last 6 years and I can hope and pray for its return.

  9. Beautiful work, Brenda! Love the glow of sunlight in the townscapes. There is something quite restorative about sketching out in the sunlight with the warmth loosening up tense muscles.

    I hope the villages can restore themselves. It's been a year of a lot of devastation. So very sad to see folks impacted in this way.

  10. Hi Brenda , these sketches are Moleskine Classic Large Sketchbook?

    1. Mauro, Please see my post on January 10th. I talk about about my Moleskine sketchbooks.