Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Learning & Product EXPO

One of my favorite events is coming up the end of October!

I will be teaching four classes at the Learning & Product EXPO, October 28-30, in Pasadena, CA at the Pasadena Convention Center. This is a fun filled weekend with classes of every kind. The convention hall will be filled with art material suppliers of every kind-Holbein, Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, da Vinci, Canson... Lots of great deals on paint, paper, brushes, easels, and more! You can register on-line at: www.learningproductexpo.com or call: (626) 689-2690

Class Descriptions below:

Negative Painting with Watercolor (3 Hour)
Friday afternoon: Class code Fr251

Negative painting is an exciting approach to watercolor! It is the technique of painting around a subject to describe it in your painting. Discover how to simply suggest shapes and not overwork a painting. In this class you’ll learn how to recognize and develop negative shapes, expand your understanding of paint characteristics (transparent, opaque, granulating…), glazing techniques and how to create beautiful under paintings. Students will benefit from informative demonstrations, and one on one help. Supplies provide by HK Holbein.
Watercolor Sketching Techniques (3 Hour)
Saturday morning: Class code Sa102

Enjoy the charming, loose and colorful nature of watercolor at its best, while sketching! Sharpen your observation skills, color awareness and design principles. Explore various sketching tools and techniques. Learn how a sketch can be complete in itself, or a road map to larger studio paintings. Whether you want to improve your drawing skills, watercolor awareness, or take that next step as an artist you will come away from this class excited and inspired about your artwork. Benefit from demonstrations, encouragement and one-on-one help. Supplies provide by HK Holbein.
The Watercolorists’ Sketch Journal (3 Hour)
Saturday afternoon: Class code Sa251

Sketch journaling is the creative process of pulling together words and images on a page. In the class we will explore fun and exciting ways to be expressive with words, watercolor, and ink. Whether you are interested in creating a sketch journal for travel, gardening, daily life…amazing things happen when you put images and words together. You will come away from the class excited, inspired with your work, and a sketch journal uniquely your own. Benefit from demonstrations, encouragement, and one on one help. Supplies provide by HK Holbein.
Negative Painting and Beyond with Watercolor- Intermediate level (6 hour class) Sunday, All-Day: Class code Su102

Discover the dynamic results of negative painting! Simplify color theory and learn how to enrich your works with rich, loose and glowing colors. Learn how to gain control over the medium of watercolor by building an understanding of glazing, wet into wet, charging colors and more! Discover techniques for creating greater edge qualities with lost edges, overlapping, and interlocking shapes. Learn to be inventive and take your painting to the next level. Students will benefit from informative demonstrations, and one on one help. Supplies provide by HK Holbein.

Happy Painting!

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  1. Thats so neat! I love it! This is so inspiring and helps me strive to a better standard in my own work!