Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reflections of Italy

Before I move on to the next stage of my journey in Italy let me talk a little about my tools and materials. Over the years I have learned less is better. The burden of lugging heavy or cumbersome supplies can take the joy out of any adventure. Easels are not needed for sketching. As for a sketching stool, Italy is pedestrian friendly which means I can usually find a bench or shady corner to tuck into. If I can’t find a place to sit I am likely to seek out an outdoor cafĂ©. I always enjoy a gelato or cappuccino while I sketch.
During the days we explored the villages of Cinque Terre I traveled very light and carried minimal art supplies. If it didn’t fit in my purse I left it behind. In side my purse I had a sketchbook, small palette, water-brush, waterproof pen, camera, girly stuff, and Euro. I enjoyed the freedom of not be bogged down with stuff. I had so much fun exploring the tiny villages, sketching, hiking, shopping, dinning, and riding the train.

…next time I’ll share sketching and exploring Tuscany!

Happy Sketching!


  1. What fun to hear about your travels and see some of your amazing journal pages! Wonderful!

  2. Baggallini bags make such wonderful art bags --- And I would LOVE to spend time looking through this journal!

  3. Talk a little about how you are posting. So you have a laptop with you? Are you able to wifi hotspots there?

  4. Brenda,
    Thanks for addressing my question. The photos are amazing and of course, I love your journal paintings - you do such beautiful work with just a limited amount of supplies. Can't wait to see more of your sketches.

  5. Ginny,I do not take a laptop with me. One of the joys of getting away is "getting away" from the distractions. I do take an international cell phone encase of emergencies so my family can contact me.

    Kay, your welcome!I will be posting more journal pages from my trip.

  6. What colors are in your sketch box? Are you able to take it on the plane with no problems? thanks!

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    2. Cathy, I have no problem transporting paints on the airplane. I allow the paints to dry for a couple days before travel. my colors are on this page on my blog