Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuscany En Plein Air

Only a couple more hours and I leave for the airport. I am off to Tuscany for a wonderful mini vacation and then a workshop. I'm staying at a lovely restore farmhouse name Selva in the hills of Lucca. I can hardly wait to board the  been hectic to say the least. I can't wait to spend leisurely days sketching in Cinque Terre, small villas, street cafes, tiny villages...
This is my third trip to this area of Italy and I never tire of the friendly, people, quaint towns, amazing food, age old traditions and ample locations to paint! I love teaching workshops here!
When I return I will share photos of the workshop group, sketches and tales of our adventure. 

Hope you enjoy my sketches from my last workshop at Abbodanza Toscana
Happy Sketching!


  1. Whilebyou are gone, the 75 day chaaleng folks plug along!
    See day 18 for me...http://ginny

  2. Have a wonderful trip!!! Wish I could go in your suitcase!

  3. La toscana รจ fonte di grandi ispirazioni artistiche.
    Molto belli questi dipinti.


  4. Greetings from Tunisia! I've been enjoying your lovely blog while surfing the net and trying to beat the heat. Your commentary is excellent. Your post on having artwork judged hits the spot. And I'm seriously thinking about your 75 day sketch challenge, except I think I would do it on fabric...I will visit occasionally.
    best, nadia