Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday's En Plein Air

Every Thursday morning I meet with a group of fellow painters at 9:00 a.m. I have been painting with this group for over 8 years. We paint till 12:00, eat our sack lunches and finish with a critique. Walter McNall is our leader along with his lovely wife Martha. After lunch Walter critiques the oil paintings and I critique the watercolors.
This week we painted at the Arlington Garden in Pasadena. The garden is at its peak for blooming colors, and variety. The day was warm and pleasant with temperatures in high 70’s. We had a large turn out of painters this week. Usually we range from 15 to 30 people but yesterday we topped 40!
You would think a place so beautiful would be easy to paint…not so. I felt overwhelmed with so much beauty. I took time to wander about the gardens, visit with fellow artists, and did a couple drawings. I settled a midst the bright red poppies and did a small watercolor.
If you live in the Pasadena area and would like join us let me know…all are welcome.

Happy Painting!


  1. Brenda
    I enjoyed yesterdays paint out at the Arlington Garden. What a special place and wonderful to paint with such a talented group of artists. The slide show is very fun. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  2. Thanks so much for including me in the group, Brenda. I enjoyed painting at beautiful Arlington Gardens again this year and always enjoy it when I can paint with the Thursday group!!

  3. is such a peaceful and pretty location. I plan to return next week and paint some more.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day of paint and friendship. Love your poppies. Brenda, looks like you squeeze tube paint into those little wells. Is that right?

  5. Karen, Yes I use tube paints. Love fresh juicy colors to work with.

  6. Oh my gosh. 40. Imagine that.
    I have joined a tiny en plein air group here in central Fl that meet on Wed mornings in Feb and March. It's a start.
    I also belong to one up north in Wisconsin (WAY up north) in Minocqua.
    It's quite organized and we might have upward of 20 show for those. Weather can be challenging in the north even in summer! We start up again June 2. This year we will have a show. Our format is similar although we often go "out" to lunch instead of brown bag. I love the slide show feature.

  7. Ginny,
    Glad to hear you belong to a couple plein air groups.
    I consider Thursdays as a "mental health" day. It is so important to spend time with fellow artists. Too much time alone in the studio isn't good for me.

  8. Let me know if you ever teach around the SF East Bay. I would love to take a class with you.

  9. How lovely, Brenda! I'd love to have a group like that...we have a sketchcrawl once a month, though, and that's a delight. Your painting is gorgeous!

  10. I always look forward to Thursday's! No matter how rough a week I've had...time outdoors with friends, sketching and sharing always makes me feel a little lighter at heart. A real "mental health" day.

  11. Hi Brenda! I believe I saw your group out today in South Pas, near the train station. Would love to join you guys- where do I sign up? :) -JJ

  12. Hi Brenda! I believe I saw your group out today in South Pas, near the train station. Would love to join you guys- where do I sign up? :) -JJ

    1. If you're on Facebook it's easy. Send me a message on Facebook and I invite you to the group page, Thursday's en Plein Air. From that page you can get the schedule of locations.