Friday, March 18, 2011

Painting Demonstration of "CAL 46"

I have been fascinated with old trucks for years, and a large body of my work is inspired by them. I came across this truck at a nursery, where it was being used to display an array of plants. I was captivated with the way the light streamed across the front of the fender and grill. I knew I had an interesting photograph, but the most successful paintings start with a good drawing. It is helpful to remember “a camera has one eye and no brain”. It is our job as artists to put life into our work, and not be bound by a photograph. You will notice from the reference photograph, that a license plate was not in the photograph. I added the license plate for design purposes. I needed something that would complete the movement of the eye through the painting, and away from the corner.

Remember, what is happening on the paper, is more important than reality.

Happy Painting!



  1. I love your use of color. Thank you again for sharing your process.

  2. I have been a huge fan every since you wrote that book about Sketching.
    I have taught beginning watercolor and I always have my students buy that book to help them get started. I am thrilled to find your blog!!!

  3. You took a photo for inspiration, yet made this lovely watercolor your own. Great job...I like this painting very much.

  4. Thank you for the comments. Old trucks are a lot of fun to paint. I enjoy painting rust, texture, and layers of wonderful glazes.