Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As a teacher I work hard to remind students to play and enjoy what they do. Yes, art is serious stuff but serious stuff can be fun, too!
For 11 days I sketched the city of Prague carefully recording all the details of the building, streets, people… I began to feel weary of being so accurate and bogged down with details and accuracy. Luckily, I stumbled across an artist who painted in a playful way. His artwork looked fun. I wanted to have fun, too! For the remainder of that day I drew everything with lines that curved. We named this style "Wonky". And, what fun I had.
I have included 2 sketches from my travel journal. The first sketch is drawn "Wonky". The second sketch is concerned with recording details. They are both of the same church but have a very different feeling.
Message to you is-Get out and play!
Happy Sketching,


  1. I love the wonky style; Benedetta Drossi is always working that way; you can check her blog here http://365onroad.blogspot.com/
    I have always wondered how you do that? is there a principle?

  2. The only principle is no straight lines. I exaggerate the first line and all other lines just play off it.

  3. Love the wonky one - now I need to try it and have FUN!

  4. Yes, Wonky is a wonderful way to play with a pen!