Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Negative Painting of "Leaves and Berries"

What is negative painting?

Negative painting is where more focus is placed on the space around and in between the object. Most paintings benefit from a variety of positive and negative painting. If you struggle to see negative shapes try working from a black & white photo. Here I have shown the reference photo in black & white and color.

I have experimented with masking fluids and tapes to save the whites of the paper but have found that nothing is as beautiful or effective as negative painting. Rarely do you come across an object that is pure white. Most objects are 3 dimensional and when something turns from a light source it will have a value and color shift in the form shadow. In the shadow you’ll see reflected color from nearby objects. Adding gentle hints of color into a white/light area gives it a glow, dimension and life! Without this your white objects will have a tendency to look cutout or flat.

Happy Painting!


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