Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sketch Bag

Many years ago the idea came about to keep all my sketching supplies in one place. Nothing is worse than setting out for a day of sketching and painting to find I forgot something major like my brushes, paint, or sketchbook. I keep my bag packed with all the necessary supplies and never unpack it. I have a separate set of brushes, palette, ...for studio work. I even keep a snack and enough money for lunch tucked in a pocket and of course my Artistic License! I have been toting around my canvas sketch bag for so many years I've lost count. We have traveled all over the United States, Prague, Berlin, Florence, and most recently Southern France.

Many of my friends and students have nicknamed the bag the "Brenda Bag". If you would like to get one they are very inexpensive and available at Harbor Freight Tools. It is a Canvas Rigger Bag.

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