Friday, July 16, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

I'd like to share an experience I had this week. I paint with a group of artists every Thursday. I do not like the heat and it was predicted to be 100+ degrees. I had a terrible morning when our indoor cat got out. In attempt to catch her my husband was bit and terribly scratched. I cleaned up his hand and arm. He wasn't worried and went to work. I  put my sketching gear in the car with only slight intention of actually using it. I planned to show up for a brief time and be on my way. 
I'm so glad I went! One of our members came dressed in a beautiful costume from head to toe. We gathered in the park under the shade of the trees and I happily painted away. The interesting thing is I showed up with less than positive attitude but by the time I left my spirits were lifted. 
Art has a way of helping us deal with the stress of life. So on the days when I feel sad, angry, probably the day I would most benefit from the healing qualities of art. Even when you don't feel like showing up it may be exactly what you need to do. Just a thought. 
Happy Painting!

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  1. This rings so true! I recently retired, but when I was still working, I found that even if I felt too tired to do anything after work, if I just committed to 15 minutes of drawing, I would find myself going far beyond my commitment and feeling so energized!