Monday, July 26, 2010

Negative Painting with Watercolor

Negative painting is one of the most exciting approaches to watercolor painting I know! It is a unique approach of painting around an object to define it in your composition. When working in watercolor we have challenges that other mediums do not. It is what we don’t paint that becomes the most important.

General description to the process:

Draw design. Be alert of the space/shape between objects.
Wet paper with clean water and charge juicy paint into the wet areas (limit to 3 colors).
Tilt paper or use spray bottle to help paint move and mingle. Don’t over work the surface with a paint brush. Let Dry.
Start painting the space between the shapes with glazes. Soften edges as you move out from subject matter.
With each glaze you’ll add new shapes and darker values.

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  1. Love the way you explain this. Glad to have you refresh my mind on how to start this technique. Love negative painting because of you! Patty Wayte