Sunday, July 4, 2010

Continual Line Contour Drawing

If you want to feel inspired the thing to do is jump start the process. When I enter my studio with the mind set of “play” I find the creative part of my brain kicks in and the painting session is energetic and productive. Now on the other hand if I walk into my studio expecting a masterpiece I instantly feel the muscles tighten in my neck and I become dissatisfied with everything I do.

To get the creative ball rolling I start by doing timed contour drawings in pen. I consider this approach “play” and I even go as far as setting a timer so I don’t let the drawing become too involved or precious. The kind of contour drawing I do is what I call continual line contour. What it means is once I put the pen on the paper I don’t lift it up until I’m done. There will be a certain amount of distortion to the drawing but I consider this part of the charm. I start by drawing a single object in 3 minutes and work up to an arrangement of 3 objects in 10 minutes. Once I feel warmed up I’ll introduce watercolor into the timed session but work no longer than 20 minutes on the arrangement.

These “play” sessions have become energizing and creative times. In my studio I keep a box of objects to draw such as jars, kettles, paint tubes, brushes, mugs, tools and silk vegetables. It’s funny how the mind acts when you set a timer, absolute complete focus!

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  1. mam,

    i am krishnadas form india, i just going start warter color painting, still i didnt get courage to start, but got some tip and guiding from your blog.

    thanks a lot.